Neither Richard Branson is an astronaut nor Jeff Bezos competes with Elon Musk

I used to be the opposite day in Paco’s bar having some ‘ambóndigas’ with tomato after I heard him for the primary time: “Sir Richard Branson is already an astronaut,” mentioned the one on TV. “The billionaire efficiently travels to area,” he added with a smile. It was the primary firecracker of the sultry publicity parade that invaded televisions and newspapers across the planet, with hundreds of media and companies speaking in regards to the flight of the British millionaire as if it had been the epic of Apollo 11.

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Jesus Diaz

Paco, who was cleansing glasses, stood like a bartender in a western Almeria lounge when the dangerous man enters the scene. Doña Manolita and her cronies stopped enjoying tute. The nonexistent pianist from the bar stopped enjoying. Figuring out all the shoppers that I’m a galactic nutThey stared at me as a ball of veal skewered on a fork hovered within the air in entrance of my face.

Certainly everybody imagined that the meatball was a planet orbiting a star about to blow up in a foul milk supernova, However nothing occurred. I ate that final spheroid like my mouth was a black gap and dipped my first piece of bread into the sauce on the deep plate with out saying a phrase.

No, neither Richard Branson has gone to area, neither is he an astronaut

I didn’t say something as a result of he anticipated me the headlining silly. A lot of the media had been giving the rattle for days that Branson was going to enter area and that Jeff Bezos wouldn’t have the ability to beat him within the race of the “first industrial area flight” in historical past. One thing completely absurd as a result of, even when the Branson factor had been an area flight – it was not – it could not have been the primary or the second industrial area flight. Not even the seventh.

However actuality doesn’t matter within the post-truth period. For days, information went out in all places about how the 2 millonetis had been competing to see who had it the longest. The ship, it’s understood. Or within the case of Branson, the aircraft.

Who has the longest ship

As a result of that is what Branson has: a little bit aircraft that flies excessive. 50 kilometers above sea degree, effectively under the Kármán line, the imaginary border at 100 kilometers of altitude that separates us from area. Though, as Theodore von Kármán – the Hungarian-American scientist who outlined it – mentioned – it’s really not like that: the ambiance continues for about 10,00zero kilometers and the Kármán line is barely the purpose the place the air has such a low density that the wings they can not maintain an plane except it’s going at orbital pace. It’s the line that separates the flight of an airplane just like the X-15 – which reached that point in 1963 – from the flight of an actual spaceship like a Soyuz or a Dragon Crew.

Bezos vs. Branson: Galactic Ghost Contest

The Kármán line is the one one acknowledged by the Worldwide Aeronautical Federation because the frontier of area. To say you have been to area and be an actual astronaut, cosmonaut, or taikonaut, you must move that line. Solely the USA put the astronaut wings on individuals who have reached 50 kilometers, a call that they made of their day as a propaganda weapon within the face of the advances of the Soviet Union and that now outcomes so grotesque and ridiculous like then.

That is one thing that Jeff Bezos has not stopped remembering in latest days, livid on the data hype that Branson’s publicists have achieved. By his firm Blue Origin, Bezos mocked the British millionaire by calling his “SpaceShip” a “high altitude flight plane”.

The ghost millonetis

Bezos is completely proper. That should have been the headline in all of the newspapers and televisions: “Richard Branson flies in a aircraft at excessive altitude and he loves it in shade.” In truth, it should not have been front-page information. Nor ought to it’s information that Bezos’ future flight, a launch that can exceed 100 kilometers however won’t enter orbit. It is one other publicity stunt like Branson’s.

Hey look, an actual rocket ship that places issues in orbit

The truth is that each Branson and Bezos are like little children at recess bragging about what they do not have. My father has a spaceship! Nicely, mine has an much more spaceship! As Elon Musk says – which isn’t precisely my saint – “Bezos does not get up (to orbit)“. The Blue Origin rocket remains to be gentle years forward of these of SpaceX, these of United Launch Alliance, these of Roscomos, and people of the Chinese language or European area company. Musk should be bursting with laughter watching the youngsters exhibit in the patio of the area ‘college’.

Branson and Bezos could sooner or later orbit the Earth or take a experience on the Moon in a spaceship, however they will not do it with that aircraft or that rocket. Considering that, I scraped the final molecule of the meatball sauce – which was so good that SpaceX may use it as gas for its Falcon 9 rockets – and making an attempt to mimic Juan Diego’s voice I advised them: gone to area that ghost you know where it is”. Everybody there breathed a sigh of reduction. Paco grabbed one other glass, Doña Manolita ordered her playing cards, the invisible pianist performed once more, and the one on TV saved speaking nonsense.

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