Programming is poor: why the world of ‘software’ is broken in Spain

It is 9 within the morning at the computer science faculty from a Spanish college and the Programming 1 professor provides a harangue to the first-year college students. In his speech, he asks them to not get confused, that the aim of the race is practice them to steer and never flip them into ‘picks’ along with his palms stained with code, briefly, he explains to them that programming is poor.

On the identical time and on the opposite aspect of the world, a Spanish supervisor of a software program firm visits a know-how associate. When passing by the ‘parking zone’, he’s stunned by the automobiles of the managers, a shock that will increase when his host explains that they’re really the programmers’ automobiles. There he meets a group of programmers nicely into their fifties with careers and PhDs from MIT, Harvard or Stanford in positions of duty and who has by no means stopped programming.

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However at what level did it break the world of ‘software’ in Spain? It’s arduous to think about a legislation professor encouraging his college students to not observe legislation, however we do know that the sector’s labor market in Spain is basically dominated by consulting companies, the advice of the well-meaning programming professor is sensible. And is that the world of programming is split into two, the world of consulting and the world of product ‘software program’, however the instructor solely is aware of the primary. In that, the programmers have mediocre salaries; within the product world, their salaries continue to grow.

The consulting companies, which have been initially born to advise, advise and supply a strategic and unbiased exterior imaginative and prescient, largely determined to promote each the analysis and the answer. Thus, the analysis was not disinterested and profitability turned based mostly on the sale of hours. The fox watching the chickens, a nationwide digitization that makes water and advantages based mostly on paying the programmer the most affordable doable hour. Subcontractor chains the place Signed tasks in trendy glass towers run in darkish dungeons.

Software program programmers. (Photograph: BrainTree)

The issue is that in Spain the world of consulting is infinitely greater than the product ‘software’ industry. That implies that everybody who makes a product has gone by the world of consulting and that leaves its mark, or fairly, leaves scars. I keep in mind a Spanish engineer, who ended up working in synthetic intelligence at Google in Silicon Valley, and whose college doctorate raised doubts in a job interview with a Spanish startup. In worldwide know-how, doctorates are skyrocketing, however in Spanish they’re one thing to keep away from.

The traditional scapegoat of this example has been the Spanish college, it has been blamed for not doing its job nicely and never coaching in the latest programming technologies. And though the Spanish college has extraordinarily severe issues, exactly this isn’t certainly one of them. The college should practice within the primary fundamentals that then enable it to adapt to any new know-how, particularly in a world like ‘software program’, which modifications fully each few years.

Curiously, the Spanish college is best for potential workers of product corporations than for consultants, nevertheless, because the labor demand comes primarily from consulting, non-public coaching proliferates that guarantees to show JavaScript in a ‘bootcamp’ of some weeks, though it does that really teaches is to fill LinkedIn profile of the ‘phrases’ that ‘headhunters’ are searching for. A damaged sector is at all times stuffed with vultures.


Whereas Spanish politicians don’t perceive that ‘software program’ consulting shouldn’t be the identical as product ‘software program’, will proceed to imagine that betting on innovation is to draw a big consulting agency to a know-how park or make millionaire investments to modernize public administrations that in observe solely massive consulting companies can go for.

The product ‘software program’ sector is rising strongly and is placing strain on the labor market. Consultants are attempting to be engaging and they even put coloured poufs of their places of work, however it’s mathematically unattainable that within the medium time period they’ll compete in wage with product corporations. At the very least a decade is lacking earlier than the software program trade achieves a big weight within the financial system of our nation, let’s hope that by then it would have ceased to be a damaged toy.

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