They discover a species of dinosaur, until now unknown, in Castellón

The fossil stays of a dinosaur discovered at a website in Portell (Castellón) belong to a hitherto unknown species. It has been baptized as ‘Portellsaurus sosbaynati’, is just like a big ‘Iguanodon’ (big iguana) and lived within the Iberian Peninsula “shortly after” the Jurassic, about 130 million years in the past.

Area work —first— and laboratory —after— have additionally made it potential to confirm that the brand new dinosaur described by science, an ideal herbivore of between six and eight meters in size And until 1,000 kilos of weight, is intently associated to different related ones that inhabited what’s now China and Niger (Africa). Scientists from the Jaime I College (UJI) of Castellón and the College of Valencia have participated within the analysis, directed by the paleontologist Andrés Santos-Cubedo, and the outcomes which were obtained after a number of years of analysis and verification seem revealed this Wednesday within the American journal ‘Plos One’.

Herbivorous, giant and strong, with tooth just like these of an iguana, the brand new dinosaur has obtained a scientific identify that mixes the identify of the locality the place it has been discovered (Portell) with the Greek phrase ‘sauros’ (lizard) to explain the genus; and the identify of the Spanish geologist Vicente Sos Baynat – the primary scientist to obtain an honorary doctorate from the UJI – to appoint the species.

Researchers have described the brand new species of dinosaur after discovering and finding out the fossil stays of an virtually full jaw – the fitting – present in certainly one of the deposits of Portell, to the northwest of the province of Castellón, one of many areas of the peninsula the place extra dinosaur stays have been discovered and cataloged.

The outcomes of this work are a part of a venture that started in 2016 and through which Andrés Santos-Cubedo and Sergi Meseguer (from the Jaime I College of Castellón) have participated as principal researchers; Carlos de Santisteban (College of Valencia) and Begoña Poza (from the Grup Guix de Villareal).

The paleontologist Andrés Santos-Cubedo has defined that the fitting tooth present in one of many Portell websites has a “distinctive” mixture of traits and has underlined that there is no such thing as a related materials anyplace else on this planet. In statements to EFE, Santos-Cubedo has specified that the brand new species of dinosaur they’ve described is intently associated to the Chinese language dinosaur ‘Bolong’ and the African ‘Ouranosaurus’.

The Portellsaurus sosbaynati measured between 6 and eight meters in size and weighed as much as 1,000 kilos

Likewise, it has specified that in the identical website the place they’ve discovered this jaw (that of Mas de Curolles II) and in one other close by (that of Mas de Clapises) they’ve collected a set of greater than 250 fossil stays of dinosaurs whose research within the laboratory remains to be being carried out and that might belong to the identical species that has now been described or to others.

However extra funds will probably be wanted – he identified – to have the ability to put together and research all the fabric that paleontologists have discovered within the space and to undertake new excavation campaigns to get well extra fossils in an space the place, along with Aragon and Catalonia, extra non-avian dinosaurs (species midway between the extra classical dinosaurs and birds) have been described.

The researcher defined that different dinosaurs that might coexist with the ‘Portellsaurus sosbaynati’ have been described within the deposits of the province of Castellón, amongst them a number of theropods and crocodylomorphs, and that they’ve additionally discovered fish tooth and the stays of a number of invertebrates.

25 species found in Spain

Santos-Cubedo has specified that in Spain there are solely 25 species of dinosaurs which were described for the primary time for science from the fossils recovered in deposits resembling Mas de Curolles, and that the stays discovered now correspond to the oldest dinosaur species within the province of Castellón – about 130 million years outdated.

Then again, he confused that the deposits haven’t but been excavated in depth and different fossils have already been detected which might be pending to be extracted from the earth and that will probably be added to these which were situated in close by areas, resembling Cinctorres or Morella, which may additionally reveal that they’re new and unknown species for science .

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